Virgin Portfolio

Why Virgin?

With the nation interest rates sitting ultimately low at 0.25% as of 2015, this impacts banks borrowing to the people. Virgin are offering up to 41 months  0% interest free cash transfer effectively beating any loans.This Portfolio is based on borrowed cash to beat the administration cost before the 0% interest free expiration. Basically I am borrowing Richard Branson’s money to generate income.screenshot

Project Kick-Off

This project kicked off on 11th April 2016 where $15000.00 was borrowed from Virgin credit card at 0% interest for a total of 36 months. Before 11th April 2019 all the balance payment have to be repaid to avoid any interest. The only payment required are the 2.90% administration fees which worked out to be $435.00.

Therefore over the course of three years the total investment needs to be above $15435.00 to make any profits. So therefore for the next three years we need to beat an average of 0.95% per year.

Project Benchmark

The project portfolio shall be measure against FTSE 100, FTSE 250 and Dow Jones.

Please follow the blog post for progress

The Five Commandments

  1. the money shall not be used for any personal use
  2. the money shall not be used for debt payment
  3. the money shall not be used for lotteries or gambling websites
  4. the money shall be repaid at least 31 days before end of term to avoid cost
  5. the money should be deployed in a balanced portfolio


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