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Why MooMooCoo?

‘We are going for a bear hunt’ is my children’s fav books and we are always playing catch the bear and eventually run away if the ‘bear’ sees us.

Secondly my kids, they always scream ‘MooMooCoo’ whenever I drive pass a farm near out house. Coo is a Scottish term for highland cow. Hence ‘Ride the Bull’.

I am a father who is standing on cross roads trying to build financial freedom for myself and my family. Retirement funds, university funds, new car funds, holiday funds. These are the typical funds every family try to achieve on a monthly or yearly basis. Why not create a different spin and focus on the growth over a fix period and challenge instead?

Everyday people put money aside either in savings, financial advisors hands, funds, bonds and other investment platform hoping to generate security income. The common issue is that, there are no ambitious goals on where the money would grow.

This website shares my investment project portfolio where money are kept in separate investment basket hoping to achieve certain returns in a varying timescale all base on different objectives. Please join us on our journey on financial freedom…..